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Build your all-time Rockets lineup with $15

It’s your chance to be GM, how will you fare?

Dwight Howard... Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

The rules are simple, you have $15 to build your all-time Houston Rockets starting lineup.

The only caveat is that you’re only getting these players at their peak during their Rockets tenure. So if you thought you were getting a bargain on an MVP-level Charles Barkley, you’re out of luck. Players who only played one season with the organization such as Russell Westbrook and Scottie Pippen are also excluded due to their short residency as Houstonians.

With the $15 limit and the top-tier players costing $6, you’re not going to be able to load up and will have some very tough decisions to make. This was by design.

Without further ado, it’s time to build.

My team

I personally went with a lineup of Paul-Martin-Ariza-Horry-Olajuwon. Getting an elite playmaker who can hold their own on defense was a must. Martin would supply my perimeter scoring. Ariza would fill his role as the three-and-D wing. We’re all aware of Horry’s ability to knock down clutch shots in the playoffs. Lastly, how could I not choose the person who inspired the name of this site?

I’m confident in my squad, but I’m interested in hearing yours. Show off your GM skills in the comments below!