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Rockets lose 108-88 to Knicks as Eric Gordon openly questions improvement

“There is no improvement” - Eric Gordon

NBA: New York Knicks at Houston Rockets Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Last nights loss was the same type of loss we’ve seen time and time again. This time it was enough to make the former Sixth Man of The Year Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon to express his frustrations.

“There’s no improvement.”

A statement that reverberated throughout social media, a comment that gave many Rockets fans life who’ve had the same thoughts.

Since the team has entered its rebuild phase, the Houston Rockets has been the worst team in basketball as they have consecutively posted the worst record in the NBA.

Although, being morbidly bad has helped in the draft, especially with acquiring young talent like Jalen Green and Alperen Sengun, it still hasn’t been enough, as the team lacks direction or an identity.

The Rockets lost to the New York Knicks for the same reason they’ve usually lose to every team: poor defense and turnovers.

Yesterday, the Rockets gave up the ball 24 times to the opposition which resulted in 37 points off turnovers. Even career non-shooter Julius Randle scored 15 points from three-point range on near 40 percent shooting.

It was just ugly.

Was Eric Gordon’s comments in poor taste? Kind of.

Gordon, while even-keeled, is known amongst the fanbase as the fun police, and if you haven’t noticed he’s not having fun. He is the last of the Harden-era who has been tasked to play the good soldier role because he hasn’t thrown a public tantrum yet.

His declaration of “We don’t have the team where we can ISO-- we gotta do what best for one another” rings hollow when he has moments of doing the same infractions.

This is the classic case of right message, wrong messenger.

The question is... was this said with good intentions? or was this an escape plan?

We shall see in the coming days how Rockets GM Rafael Stone decides to handle it.