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Thursday night NBA on TNT: DraftKings odds

We’re in for a treat tonight, folks!

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know what today is? if you don’t know, you must be a square. Thursday night NBA on TNT, is the premiere way to watch high quality games on a Thursday night.

Tonight is no different.

We're given two matchups that will put us on the edge of our seats!

The Celtics are primed to face Brooklyn and former Celtic Kyrie Irving at 6:30 CT while the Dallas Mavericks are going to La La Land, as the Lakers hope to get revenge for stealing their Christmas joy tonight at 9:30 CT.

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Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets

Boston is a 2.5-point favorite

The over/under is 228

Money line Boston -145 / Dallas +125

The Matchup

Boston heads in to Brooklyn as the past two weeks they’ve been on a roll with 5-2 record during a two week timespan.

With that being said, the Nets aren’t a slouch either. Brooklyn has been 4-1 in the last five games.

Sprinkle in the history of both these teams, as the enigmatic Kyrie Irving remains the center of drama as he unceremoniously left the Celtics to join Kevin Durant to the Nets. You know we’re in for a show

Who will win

That’s a good question, when you look at the advanced metrics it seems that it can be anyone’s game as both teams are top ten in both offense (Boston #2, Brooklyn #5) and defense (Boston #5, Brooklyn #9).

However, when you start to peel everything back, you realize that Kevin Durant is out for two weeks with MCL strain after a colliding with Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler on a layup attempt.

It would take a herculean effort from Irving to fill his star teammates void against the Celtics.

When you consider the fact since becoming a member of the Nets, Kyrie has averaged 26/7/7 on 46/43/100 shooting splits in the five times both teams matched up. I think they’ll have a puncher’s chance to compete.

At the end of the day, I still think it’s the Celtics game to lose.

Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas: 3-point favorite

Over/Under: 228

Money line: Dallas -155 / Lakers +135

The Matchup

For all the slander the Los Angelos Lakers have been getting (and deservedly so) the Lakers have seemed to turn a corner.

The Lakers who have been 18th in offense and 24th in defense all season, have all of sudden found themselves in midst of a five-game wins streak.

During this time period the Lakers have improved to 13th in offense and 12th in defense, which has them in a two game striking distance of rival Los Angelos Clippers for the sixth seed in the western conference.

This even becomes more incredible when you realize Anthony Davis has not played a minute during this stretch as he’s been sidelined because of a stress injury in his right foot.

But that doesn’t mean doesn’t mean it’ll be an easy Christmas revenge game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Despite the fact the Mavericks have been 4-3 in their last seven games, the have been giving up 120 points (26th in Defense) to the opposition in that same period. Dallas still has this guy named Luka Doncic who’s been put up 41/12/9 on 51/35/75 in the past two weeks. You can almost say that Luka’s stretch has been magical.

Who will win

Vegas says Dallas, there’s a reason why Dallas is -3 favorite since it’s too close to call.

The Mavs are on a two game skid while the Lakers on a five-game wining streak. This will literally depends on the old adage who wants it more and star power. Since the Lakers are at home and are starting to figure it out, I’m gonna give them edge.

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