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Rockets enter murky waters as losing streak extends to eight

The Kings lit the beam on the Rockets, and it feels wrong.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Another game, another loss. A phrase that Houston Rockets fans have become familiar with this the past few seasons.

Despite the game being somewhat entertaining compared to the 18-point collapse to the Minnesota Timberwolves, you can tell a segment of the fanbase is starting to get nasty about the product on the floor.

Here are my three takeaways about last night’s 135-115 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Alperen Sengun

Last night against the Kings, the Rockets big man was able to make history last night as he netted his first career triple-double last night putting up 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

Sengun has now etched himself in the notable Houston ‘Legacy of Bigs’, as he joins only Hakeem Olajuwon and Chuck Hayes as the only big men who’ve achieved this feat.

What makes this even more intriguing is that he is also the youngest amongst them too, as he accomplished it at 20 yrs old (Hakeem Olajuwon 22, Chuck Hayes 27).

Kenyon Martin Jr.

Outside of Jalen Green, KJ was the only other player that logged +20 points last night and did it on an efficient 9-for-13 FG.

While Jalen Green was struggling to find a consistent rhythm and kept forcing the issue, KJ would just cut to the basket, shoot the open three-point shot and do little things to help the team stay competitive.

What I’m going to say next has to be said.

Eric Gordon shouldn’t be starting for the Rockets. Let alone, he shouldn’t be on the roster. He should’ve been traded last season at the deadline, but I digress.

I say this because the more KJ Martin keeps performing like this, the more you realize that his place on the depth chart is a symptom of roster mismanagement.

Something has to change.

Three-Point Defense

It’s no secret Houston has been dreadful on defense.

Since the start of the rebuild the Rockets have been 27th in 2020-21, 30th in 2021-22 and now in the 2022-23, they’re currently ranked 28th.

That’s not a winning formula to play against the fourth-best offense in the NBA.

Last night, the Rockets allowed to Kings to light the beam after allowing them to score 135 points in regulation.

How was this possible? Easy, just take a look at the box score. Sacramento converted 19 of their 48 three point shots, that’s 57 points just off threes alone.

We all know that the Houston is a young team (23.58yrs old, second-youngest team), and that young teams struggle to play defense, but that still no excuse.

The Oklahoma City Thunder. who are the youngest team in the NBA (23.14 yrs old) actually are ranked 13th in defense in the NBA.

Point blank, this is unacceptable. Houston needs to show signs of improvement.

Houston hopes to get their revenge against Sac-town tomorrow at 9:00PM CT.