Rockets Players PPFGA

Finally decided to calculate a stat I'd been curious about for a while, and figured I'd post it as some food for thought. Obviously the stat only tells a small part of the story but I thought it was interesting to see what production you get from the shots they take.

PPFGA = (total points-made free throws)/FGA

  1. Boban Marjanovic: 1.363
  2. Kenyon Martin Jr: 1.220
  3. Usman Garuba: 1.144
  4. Alperen Sengun: 1.116
  5. Bruno Fernando: 1.107
  6. Garrison Mathews: 1.047
  7. Eric Gordon: 1.047
  8. Kevin Porter Jr: 1.017
  9. Tari Eason: 0.956
  10. Daishen Nix: 0.952
  11. Jalen Green: 0.950
  12. Jabari Smith Jr: 0.946
  13. Jae'sean Tate: 0.933
  14. Josh Christopher: 0.861
  15. TyTy Washington: 0.761

The main thing that jumps out to me is how efficient KJ Martin is, being up amongst the guys who operate almost exclusively in the paint. It's possible that Christopher's inefficiency is part of why he has lacked playing time. Also it should be mentioned that Boban, TyTy and Tate have all played less than 15 games.

On another note, this video has me thinking that Jalen should try to model himself on SGA offensively, even though Jalen is a little bit shorter and a little bit more athletically gifted.

Is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander the NBA's newest superstar?

Learning to capitalize on the drive like Shai does would really help elevate his game.

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