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Houston Rockets At Detroit Pistons Preview

It’s a Battle of The Bads.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Houston Rockets
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The Detroit Pistons are terrible, at 13-37, but not as terrible as the Houston Rockets at 11-38. That’s right, it’s a Battle of The Bads.

This should be a winnable game for the Rockets, a way to close out an utterly dismal January with something positive. Probably the Pistons feel the same.

Can the Rocket show some organization? Can they sustain period of good play? You have to believe their best chance of this will come against the Not-Quite-As-Woeful-As-The-Rockets-Pistons.

They probably should just let Alperen Sengun be the Point Center for this one.

Out for the Pistons are 2020 1-1 draft pick Cade Cunningham, 2018 1-2 pick Marvin Bagley III, and also, Cory Joseph.

Out for the Rockets is Jalen Green, who took a hard fall in the last game, as well as Kevin Porter Jr. So the Rockets are down people to dribble and shoot. Give the ball to Christopher and tell him to win. Why not? What’s the downside?

Sorry, instead of AK, you’ve got me, so that’s pretty much a guaranteed loss. But maybe we’ll have a recipe in the recap.

Game Time is 6pm CST.