Betting software: is it time to automatize your betting process?

Technology and sports can go hand in hand. For example, Houston Rockets, as well as other NBA teams, are using several technological devices and systems to analyze their opponents. Likewise, more and more fans are moving from single bookmakers' websites to a betting software. Yet, many are still oblivious to the benefits of a bet assisting software, which is essentially the implementation of computer algorithms that intend to facilitate the placement of many wagers simultaneously in any number of sportsbooks and exchanges. That’s why today we are going to examine closely the proposal to determine if the name says everything we need to know about them.

Getting terms straight

Considering that it does not interfere with or control the bets in any way, a bet assisting software should not be confused with any sort of online betting establishment. In simpler terms, all it does is to bring la crème de la crème of bookmakers in one place, gather their odds, and coherently display them. We are talking about a process that has been designed to make betting as fast, easy and profitable as it can be.

On the other hand, people who want to enter the adventure of online sports betting have a priority: they need to know that the websites where they will place their bets will not try to scam them in order to take their money. In fact, the first thing a novice looks for is a warranty that there is an additional layer of insurance on the subject, which usually comes only after an exhausting and time-consuming verification process that they need to blindly do on their own. vets any and all possible candidates for cooperation through the implementation of an advanced set of criteria designed by experts, eliminating such preoccupations for punters and leaving more time for them to focus on what's important: the bets.

Real improvement

10 languages are served by the website and the customer support service, which is integrated by quite knowledgeable people that provide answers to all inquiries and solutions to any and all problems brought to their attention. Moreover, six factors determine the odds and the limits that can be found in any betting establishment:

  1. How many people place bets on a determined market

  2. The total amount that is being wagered

  3. The importance of the event in question

  4. What other matches are played on the same date

  5. The league or international competition

  6. The underlying circumstances per case.

The last four in the above list are somewhat constants, in other words, valid in any situation. Meanwhile, the first two are optimized by BSO, since the more houses present, the parameters are increased due to the total sum of the combination. It ultimately translates into higher odds and limits.


At the time of this review, there are 15 cooperating bookies in the list and users have the option to place their wagers in all of them at once, or select those that they see adequate. Besides, to fund the account that they will use, punters, have at their disposition an ever-increasing number of options when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. And, of course, those that register for an account at a betting software can customize the application to suit their purposes or to what they are used to.

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