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Rockets Thanksgiving

What I am Thankful For With The Houston Rockets 2023-24

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Houston Rockets
Turkey Day
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

First, from everyone at The Dreamshake, past and present, distinguished and not-so-distinguished alumni, and crankily persistent holdovers, Happy Thanksgiving!

Second, I hope everyone is spending Thanksgiving with people they love, or at least people they like to be around. I honestly believe that Thanksgiving is a holiday that is larger than its historical context. That is not to say that context isn’t important, or relevant and should not be considered and acknowledged, but simply that a holiday to give thanks for our blessings in life is worthwhile in itself.

We aren’t living 400 or so years ago, we are living now. That sounds simplistic of course, but I believe it’s of crucial importance. We may be heirs to sins and or legitimate grievances, but those actions were not our actions. Our lives are our own, and don’t belong to the past, for good, or ill. What we do now is what will set the stage for future Thanksgivings. It’s important to remember that, and not only open our hearts to our blessings, but to one another.

Third, and last, I’m thankful that the Rockets are a real NBA team again. They play hard, they play great defense. The young players are improving, and it takes time, so when we get impatient, some of us need to remember what we were like at 19, 20, 21. I somehow doubt I would have been a completely effective pro at that age, if I had somehow been graced to be in the NBA.

The thing to really be thankful for with the Rockets is that they’re a good team, maybe a playoff, not play-in, team right now. Right now, with players still a very long way from the typical peak years for NBA players 25-29. That inspire a lot of hope for the future.

The coaches inspire faith, rather than rage and fatigue. It really does seem to be Phase Two, as cheesy and annoying and “condo in Florida” as that might sound.


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