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Rockets win rock fight with Spurs 93-82

BrickFest 2023! We Lived It! Spurs Sad Streak Survives!

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets
Tari Called Game
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing worse than winning this game would have been losing this game. The Rockets keep their home winning streak alive at 10 straight games, and the Spurs keep their franchise record losing streak intact at 17 games and counting. These are both good things! Maybe the best things in the case of this game, about which the less said, the better, yet say it I must.

For those of us who believe that schadenfreude is still freude, good news! You have two chances to watch the Spurs as “The National Game” this week! They play the Lakers on NBAtv Wednesday night, and THEN they also play, guess who, the IST Champion Lakers on ESPN, Friday night, in LA! Fans across the country can delight in the exploits of Skinny Wemby and his Spurious Four once again! Give the people what they want, I say.

Let’s go to Bullet Points - The Lazy Mans Friend(tm) for the rest of this one, as there’s not really a way to bolt a coherent narrative on this game anyway.

  • Despite the 1990s score line featuring a combined points total of 175, both teams combined for 80 three point attempts. The Rockets made 12 of 39 for a bad, but comprehensible 30%. The Spurs made 5 of 41, for an astonishing 12%. If you hate the three, tonight was your night, because the three ball hated you right back.
  • Tonight the Philadelphia 76ers hung 146 points on the Washed Wizards. If somehow there was a basketball three-way battle, the 76ers would have outscored the Spurs at the 8:26 mark of the third quarter. They would have outscored the Rockets by 4:39 remaining in the third quarter.
  • Tonight’s best Rockets player, the player who essentially won them this dogfight was the Rocket with maybe the most dog in him, Tari Eason. Tari scored 18 points in 27 minutes, shot 8-16, which was sharpshooter country tonight, grabbed 14 boards and had an assist and two steals.
  • Despite the useful return of Amen Thompson, Fred VanVleet continues to log big minutes, at 39. He’s currently leading the NBA in minutes per game, and that’s probably not a good plan long term. VanVleet shot poorly overall, 6-17, but decently from 3pt range, 4-11 (36%). Amen was good enough to jump from 10 to 15 minutes, and take a little off Fred’s plate.
  • Apparently there’s some sort of illness circulating throughout the Rockets roster, and you could tell tonight. Alperen Sengun didn’t look right, seemed slow to react and didn’t play with his usual force. He still managed 15pts on 6-12 shooting, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block in 30 minutes, to show what a “bad” night looks like for him now. He did also have 6 turnovers, though some were a part of a weird Tre Jones foul immunity program referee James Capers was trialing tonight.
  • Dillon Brooks was Grizzly Dillon tonight, in that he played hard, played good defense, and had his head in the game, but he would not stop shooting. He ended up with 2 points on 1-12 shooting.
  • Joining Grizzlin’ Dillon in the bricklaying contest were Jabari Smith Jr, who went 3-12, and Jalen Green, who went 2-10. Jabari did at least play good defense, and ripped down 12 boards, and dished 5 assists to 1 TO, and also trash talked Wemby on a made basket the French Stick defended. Jalen sat most of the second half, as both his offense and defense were poor tonight, and Tari essentially played in his stead, a good choice in my opinion.
  • Did the Rockets “hold” the Spurs to 82 tonight? Is it some sort of great defensive performance? No. The Spurs largely held themselves to 82 points, with their dismal shooting. Fortunately, they don’t run any plays at the basket with Wemby.
  • The Spurs point Sochan experiment seems to be over, and Sochan himself isn’t looking quite the prize he did last season. Tonight the he went 3-11 shooting, and the Rockets literally left him unguarded, and alone, at the 3pt line. Sochan cooperated, going 1-5 from three point range.
  • Victor Wembanyama actually had a decent night, if you discount his attempted 3pt shots. He went 7-15, but 1-6 from three, as part of the Spurs astonishing 5-41 spectacle. He would have been 5-9 otherwise, with 18 boards and 5 blocks. Wemby is a young player, an NBA rookie, so obviously things will change, but he and the Spurs aren’t much fun to watch. Yes, he’ll do stuff that only someone as tall and coordinated as he is can do, but that’s pretty much the whole act right now. Tonight it wasn’t joyous, magical, astonishing, or even especially interesting, just a really really tall guy, doing really really tall guy things. You have two chances to watch Wemby and the Spurs this week on the national game! Savor it!
  • The Spurs, as a team, seem totally checked out, unless it occurs to a few of them that they can rack up some stats. The Rockets almost never did that in Green and Sengun’s rookie season, and didn’t even check out until January, February of 2023 when it seemed clear to everyone that the Rockets would have a new coach for 2023-24.
  • The Rockets won this one, so that’s really all that’s left to say.
  • Onwards.


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