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Northern Light Ups - Lillard goes for 71, Rockets fall 131-114

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Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers
Generosity, that’s Houston.
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

TDS friends, I hope you will forgive me. I failed you on this game, and recap.

I can cite two reasons - one, a crushing migraine yesterday, and two, I had meant to go to this game.

Normally I can’t easily watch the Trailblazers do anything, they’re my local team, and of course, league pass, unless you gimmick it, won’t show them. I don’t want to subscribe to the fullest of full pay TV packages. I’m not in love with other methods, mostly for moral, but also aesthetic reasons.

The plan was, early in the season, to attend this game with family, and maybe AK, who also lives in the PNW now. This didn’t happen, for reasons that might be due to me simply forgetting, The Snow That Came To Portland, general dissipation in this horrid Rockets season, and then the aforementioned migraine.

It used to be that you could watch a game in your local market on NBA League Pass a few hours after the game. Guess what? You can’t anymore. It’s three days. That seems a long time to wait for a recap.

So I had to content myself with highlights. There were a LOT of Damien Lillard highlights. Honestly, Lillard owes the Rockets something, I don’t know what exactly, but something, for the huge boost they’ve given his career. The recent Guards Gone Berserk Tour of the West Coast has been astonishing. If you’re a star who might be just slightly, ever so slightly, past it, the Rockets are the freaking Fountain of Youth.

We know know that HoF guards who are a little long in the tooth can totally light up the Rockets. Between a bad defensive scheme, players mentally checked out, coaches playing out the string, and simply young, bad, inexperienced defenders, NBA guards have to be looking at the Rockets like a cartoon wolf, dreaming of a giant steak.

Some Rockets had pretty good games. Sengun. Eason. Even Nix. The thing is, 71 points in 39 minutes.

Sorry this isn’t much of a recap. It didn’t seem to be much of a game. I could tell you more of Lillard’s exploits ,but you can at least take comfort that Portland Airport (PDX) will have new clips to play on loop to welcome visitors the The Rose City. Unfortunately, the Rockets are still the co-stars.


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