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Miraculous shot from Jabari Smith Jr. extends Rockets win streak to three

The vibes are immaculate!

New Orleans Pelicans v Houston Rockets Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Last night’s win over the New Orleans Pelican’s was a movie!

It had that everything from drama, suspense and whole a lot of action.

I did previously say that the third time that the Rockets played the Pelicans that it wouldn’t be repeat of past, but I don’t think anyone expected a performance like this.

Anyways get into the three takeaways from last matchup

22-0 Run in the first half

When the game first started the Rockets seemed overwhelmed as the Pelicans came guns blazing, as they were 6-for-6 from three.

That didn’t stop Houston from battling, The Rockets went on to rip off 22-0 run in the first half, that shrunk a 26-12 deficit into a 34-26 lead.

Houston offense wasn’t just humming, it was their defense too. New Orleans’ offense was in hell as they were in a scoring drought that lasted 6:10. With each shot ricocheting off the rim, the more you could tell it felt like an eternity for Pelicans bench.

Houston’s tenacity

Despite the 1st Half performance, the Houston Rockets seemed to their hand’s full with the physicality and defense of the New Orleans Pelicans.

The NBA’s top 10 defense made an effort to harass the rockets young core especially with notable players like Herbert Jones, Naji Marshall and Jonas Valanciunas just causing chaos with blocks, deflections and steals.

But it didn’t matter.

This young Rockets team wasn’t afraid.

Houston matched New Orleans energy as they had countered it with more points in the paint (60-46), won the second chance points battle (18-6) and even controlled the boards (52-35).

No greater moment demonstrated this than Alperen Sengun’s match up with Jonas Valanciunas.

These too big men were trading baskets, back and forth. It got so chippy between the both of them had to be separated.

However, Sengun didn’t let that bother him. The Rockets big man continued to go at him which resulted in a highlight like this:

Miraculous Shot Making

In the fourth quarter, Houston’s brass pulled off some crazy shot making skills in order to clinch this game.

The first one that comes to mind is the three pointer that Kevin Porter Jr. made off of a turnover to put the game within single digits

The second is Jalen Green’s unthinkable fadeaway two that was intended to tie the game as a three, but his foot was on the line a la Kevin Durant.

Then it was the shot of legends from Jabari Smith Jr. in which he pulled up right, fading right, to hit a contested three to call game:

I don’t really have to say much, you already know what the vibes were, Josh Christopher already told you in the link above.

Now he didn’t say match catch phrase, but I’ll allow it.

Last nights win has cemented Houston longest winning streak all season. Three games may not be a lot, but it’s more winning than we're used to.