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Rockets give up 151 points in loss to Grizzlies

My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable...

Houston Rockets v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Let’s just get straight into it...... Here are my three takeaways from yesterdays game.

Jabari Smith Jr.

The 2023 3rd overall pick impressed again in his showing against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Despite Houston losing again in historic fashion, Jabari Smith Jr. had another campaign in which he scored 20 points 8 rebounds and 1 block while shooting 56 percent from the field and 50 percent from deep.

When you take a look at the past nine games, you start to see a trend that suggests Jabari is figuring it out.

In that timespan he’s put up 18 and 8 with healthy shooting splits 50 percent from the field 43 percent from three, which is a big improvement from where he came from.

We could only hope that he continues to be better, and carry this momentum as the season ends

The Grizzlies & Luke Kennard Made History

Last night the Grizzlies decided to have a party in their city at the Rockets expense. Don’t believe me?

What if I told you the Grizzlies made franchise history by making the most amount of three made in game with 25?


What if I told you after last night Luke Kennard became the second player in NBA history to score 30 points or more just off three-point makes?

Last night was a night to forget, if you get my drift.

The Season is Almost Over

Last night was a microcosm of everything that has been wrong with the Houston Rockets this season.

Inconsistent play, bad lineups, no depth and confusing coaching.

We all knew that this team rebuild will be ugly.

However, expecting terrible results and witnessing them happen in real time are two different things.

Last night Houston somehow reached a new low point by giving up 151 points in loss, when put into context this is the most points that Houston has ever given up in regulation.

The Rockets disaster-class contained a high amount of turnovers (15), poor shooting from the line (62 percent) and from the three-point line (30 percent).

There’s nothing much else to say about this 18-56 team that hasn’t been said already.

All I can say is, “just eight more games”.

I’m not saying that when the season ends the world will be a better place, but at least you can practice self care and not have to watch this team play anymore.