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Jalen Green partners with water company Liquid Death as investor and ambassador

Jalen Green adds another endorsement to his resume.

Jalen Green is not only excelling on the court in his second season in the NBA but also off the court as he continues to build his non-basketball resume. Jalen Green announced today a partnership with Liquid Death as their first NBA ambassador and also as an investor.

Here is the PR statement from Liquid Death on the new collaboration.

  • Houston Rockets’ Jalen Green is announcing a new investment and collaboration with Liquid Death, one of the fastest-growing non-alcoholic beverages of all time. Jalen Green is the brand’s first-ever NBA ambassador and investor in the company.
  • Since launching in 2019, Liquid Death has become one of the fastest growing non-alc brands of all time, now valued at $700 million. Jalen joins the brand’s roster of celebrity backers such as Tony Hawk, Whitney Cummings, Tom Segura, and NFL players Cameron Heyward and Austin Ekeler.
  • To celebrate the partnership, and for fans who want to ball like Jalen, Liquid Death collaborated with Jalen to create the limited-edition basketball, Liquid Death Hoop Head. Available for $125, the Liquid Death Hoop Head is meant to make you feel like you’re playing basketball with an actual severed head.
  • Designed by Will Carsola (creator of Adult Swim’s Mr. Pickles), the Liquid Death Hoop Head lets you murder your hoop game with tons of blood-thirsty fun (and without any of the terror-filled screaming of a real head).

Liquid Death has become a viral sensation since its launch and Green is yet another athlete to join the brand.

Green also sent out a message about the new partnership on Twitter.

Green now has endorsements with Adidas, Google, Coinbase Coin Cloud, and Paco Rabanne along with Liquid Death. This is just the beginning for Green who has taken his game to another level this season as he is the only second year player averaging over 20 points a game. It is a matter of time before Green adds more endorsements to his resume. Could we eventually have a Jalen Green signature shoe?