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A first look at the 2023 NBA Draft odds from DraftKings

Sources tell us that DraftKings is the place for your NBA Draft odds.

NBA: G League-Boulogne-Levallois Metropolitans at Ignite Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time again! However, this week we’re talking the 2023 NBA Draft! If you’re a Houston Rockets fan or a fan of any other team that’s destined for the lottery, you’ve certainly had your eyes fixated on the top of the draft.

Luckily, with DraftKings, you can keep track of when a prospect seems primed to be selected.

It’s just about a foregone conclusion that France’s Victor Wembanyama will be the first overall pick this Summer as his odds currently stand at -8000. If you’re inclined to bet $1,000 for a $1,012.50 payout, who am I to stop you?

But, if you have a slight inkling that someone else goes first, I wouldn’t blame you for swinging for the fences. Take Scoot Henderson and his +3000 odds as an example. Betting that same hypothetical $1,000 on Scoot would give you a $31,000 payout!

Just taking a flyer on Henderson might be worth that payout, even if it’s just a tiny fraction of the amount I used in the previous examples.

DraftKings is also offering you the opportunity to bet Victor, still valued at -8000, against EVERYONE else in the field! So say it’s not Scoot, and perhaps Brandon Miller or a Thompson Twin gains incredible buzz, at +2000 odds you would literally have every other prospect at your disposal. I don’t hate the sound of that.

It’s certainly an exciting time for the future of the league and that excitement should only increase the closer we get to June 22. Be sure to stay in tune with DraftKings so you can potentially wager on more draft landing spots once they become available!

Get your full DraftKings odds here!!

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