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2022-23 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Game Talk

Talk Playoffs Here - Still Going

2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings
Houston’s Own
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The First Round of the 2022-23 NBA have begun, and the story lines are interesting.

The Kings look better than the reigning Champignon Warriors over two games.*

The Suns and Clippers series appears to be a real battle.

The Bucks lost game one to the trash magic of the Heat, which is fine.

The 76ers are cruising over the Nets.

The Hawks appear to have forfeited their series with the Celtics despite actually playing games.

The Cavs and Knicks are tied, but the Cavaliers are heading for what promises to be a raucous Madison Square Garden.

The Grizzlies are missing Ja Morant, and as they often do, are playing very well without him. The Lakers have already taken one game in Memphis but are behind in game two.

Finally the Nuggets are getting a nice set of scrimmages before the second round. Or so it would appear at this point.

The NBA has somehow managed to schedule two of their most interesting series Suns-Clippers, and Kings-Warriors at roughly the same time tomorrow night. Well done!

Anyhow, talk about it all here, if you like.

* In what conduct or legal system on earth is past conduct not counted when evaluating current behavior? Imagine this:

“Well, yes, your Honor, my client has been convicted of assault six previous times, and yes, it was all on video, and, true, he’s been given a lot of leniency about borderline assault in the past.

He stands accused of it now, and we admit, it’s all on video. But someone touched him in the leg! So what’s the natural reaction? Of course it’s to stomp on that person’s chest, and then publicly brag about it. That’s just how it works. AND he’s got some really important stuff going on right now. Going to jail would be terrible for him, because of this important stuff. One group of people are totally counting on him! So, jail should be out of the question.

It would be wrong, frankly unfair, of the justice system to punish him for yet another clear violation, after a long history of such violations, because this stuff really important to him, and his coworkers. You shouldn’t even look at the six previous convictions for basically the exact same stuff.

My client should never have to learn his lesson, and obey the rules, because he’s good at what he does, and is super passionate about assault. He’s just wired to love assault. He’s assault positive. It’s his edge. It sparks joy. That’s just him. Assaulty.

Again, this is important to one group of people, and some people like watching him work.

It’s not his fault. It’s the fault of the people who enforce the rules!”

Great argument. Try it in court.

How about this? How about controlling your actions like a grown man, and not acting like a violent overgrown toddler? How about not celebrating your misconduct in front of thousands of people? If it’s actually important, learn self-control, rather than demanding the indulgence of others.


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