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Coach Silas speaks on his future and lessons he has learned this season

Coach Silas speaks on his future and what he has learned throughout this season.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Memphis Grizzlies Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets are wrapping up their 2022-23 home game schedule as they take on the Denver Nuggets at the Toyota Center. The Rockets come off a blowout loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and want to finish their home schedule strong with a win.

Coach Silas spoke to the media before the game and talked about lessons he has learned and the ups and downs of the season.

Coach Silas was asked what he learned as Head Coach of the Rockets.

“I have a three year contract. This is the last home game of my three years. So, whatever happens happens after this but I can’t be anything but proud.”

Coach Silas was also asked if he talked to the front office about whether the final year of his contract would be picked up, and Silas gave a short answer, “No.” So it isn’t a massive surprise that the front office hasn’t discussed any contract details with Coach Silas. Stone is not a proponent of discussing contracts with players or coaches during the season.

Coach Silas also talked about the ups and downs of the season and how proud he is of his players.

“There have been some downtimes I have had to fight through the last three years. I found strength in myself that I didn’t necessarily know that I had”

Coach Silas went on to thank the fans and say how much he appreciated them sticking with the team throughout the season.

“The fans have been amazing.”

Here are a couple of updates from the injury report.

Nikola Jokic came into the game questionable, but Coach Malone said he should be able to give it a go. Coach Silas said that Jae’Sean Tate is trying to get back on the court before the season finale, but he isn’t sure if he can play by Sunday.

The Rockets close out their home games tonight as they take on the Denver Nuggets at 7 CT.