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Rockets lost out on Victor Wembenyama but we can still enjoy the show

The Houston Rockets didn’t get the first overall pick... and that’s ok…I think.

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So the Houston Rockets didn’t get the first overall pick... and that’s ok.

Before we recreate the famous SpongeBob scene where y’all tell me that my opinion stinks, at least let me plead my case.

Just like last year’s draft, the front office no longer has to bear with the responsibilty of picking a top player from the bunch. Instead, the pick will be based on the best player available

That’s it, I got nothing else

Now is it a cop out? Yes.

But it is what is.

The ping pong ball didn’t go our way instead, it went to our cross town rival the San Antonio Spurs.

Fans were pitched the idea that losing had its purpose, that purpose was later confirmed by the owner Tillman Fertitta when he encouraged fans to start prayer circles and fast for Victor Wembanyama

As shameless as it may for an owner to be saying this during Mardi Gras on FCC airwaves, it’s not every day a 7’2” 19-year-old unicorn is available.

So to not get the number one overall pick is a gut panch. Especially when this season was easily the most joyless product basketball enthusiasts have witnessed.

The 2022-2023 season was so bad that even the notable Rocket Eric Gordon confirmed everyone feelings by shutting down a reporter’s question about the improvement with the teams play by saying “there’s no improvement”

However, On the bright side, at least we’re getting talent!

The player that is currently projected to come to Houston is Amen Thompson, the 20-year-old 6’7” combo guard from the Overtime Elite. Amen may not be the savior Tillman encouraged fans to pray for, but he shows a lot of potential.

Amen captures the minds and attention af spectators with his passing ability combined with his athleticiam and creativity to stun people with, “how the hell did he do that?” highlights.

If there were a guy I have to irresponsibly compare him to, his game has shades of a young Jason Kidd before he found his ‘J’.

The Rockets, who have been ranked 26th & 27th in offense, will hope to utilize his size and feel for the game to bring life to an unorganized offense.

But who knows anything can happen on lottery night. Last year Paolo Banchero was expected to be wearing a Rockets jersey until the 11th hour when the Orlando Magic took him first overall in the draft.

The Rockets also have a plethora of options to trade down or even trade out of the draft for current or future assets. Who knows what Rafael Stone will do at this point.

It could always be worse. The Rockets could have fallen even further. My advice to everyone is just sit back and enjoy the show and be grateful.