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Breaking news: Rockets sign Fred VanVleet to a 3 year 130 million dollar deal

The Houston Rockets sign Fred VanVleet to a max contract deal

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The Houston Rockets landed their top target in Fred VanVleet, signing the former All-Star to a three-year 130 million dollar deal, becoming the first player this off-season to get a max contract.

The Rockets were reported early on to have VanVleet at the top of their list. It was reported that the Rockets were leaning toward a two-year deal for VanVleet, but in the end, the agreement is for three years. The Rockets had moved on from James Harden a few weeks ago, opening the door for VanVleet.

VanVleet is coming off the worst shooting year of his career, but as Vivek Jacob of told me as part of my interview with him, he expects that last season was an anomaly. As of this writing, the three years are fully guaranteed, but the Rockets set out to bring in veteran leadership, and that is what they will get with VanVleet.

The Rockets will have to get creative with Amen Thompson, their number four overall pick, as VanVleet will be the starting point guard, and now Thompson will play backup point and possibly some small forward.

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