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Rockets sign PG Fred Van to three-year deal

Vleet! Vleet! It happened! Vleet! Vleet!

Is he Drake? Is he Van Vleet? Is he both? Vleedrake!
Fred Van Vleet - New Rockets Point Guard
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Vleetings, night owls.

The Houston Rockets have signed the free agent Toronto Raptors guard to a 3 year $130 million dollar contract. Fred Van Vleet was the first max contract awarded in this free agent class. The former Shocker Van Vleet has now attained the richest contract ever signed by an undrafted NBA player.

Van Vleet is known for the phrase “Bet On Yourself”, and it’s pretty clear his bets have paid off in the biggest way.

Details as to the exact terms of the contract, beyond the raw years and dollars, are unknown at this time. We don’t know the exact status of the much discussed 3rd season of the contract. Is it fully guaranteed? Partially guaranteed? From a Rockets perspective, a partial guarantee would seem better.

The Rockets solved perhaps their biggest issue of the past few seasons, by adding a solid, hard-nosed point guard who is also a good defender.

Last season for the Raptors Van Vleet averaged 19pts/4rbs/7ast/1.8stl. He experienced a dip in his usually very good 3pt shooting, down to 34% from 38%, and 37% in the past two seasons. Part of the drop might be due to the fact that Van Vleet was practically the only true shooting threat on the Toronto Raptors.

On the Rockets Van Vleet doesn’t need to be the only shooting threat, he just needs to get the Rockets organized and on task.

In the end, the signing is about the best the Rockets could have done. The NBA’s new CBA no longer sees the division of dollars below the official salary floor divided amongst the players on the team. The team effectively HAD to spend $65 million in salary on free agents. The Rockets still have roughly $25 million in spending power under the new salary cap, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks.



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