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Rancor aside, NBA Summer League starts today

It’s Basketball Obsessive Season!

2022 NBA Summer League - Portland Trailblazers v New York Knicks
Well, The Utah and California Portion, Anyway.
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

I hope we have bickered at one another enough and discussed the Rockets frenetic off-season in enough detail. In the end it’s probably best not to get too angry with one another. After all, who else cares this much about the Rockets, and is willing to discuss it in such minute detail, and with such a generally high level of knowledge?

Opinions may be strong, and may differ, but in the end, we’re all Rockets fans here (pretty much). The Dreamshake is a bellwether in that regard.

We’re now heading into what I call Basketball Obsessives Season, that is, the NBA Summer Leagues. Today marks the start of the remaining “Me Too” Summer programs, with Utah and California hosting games. There used to be some Summer League action in Orlando and other spots, but fortunately it’s moved to other, more exciting venues. The Orlando summer league really felt like a practice, with refs, in a secondary college gym.

Today we will get our first NBA adjacent glimpse of Victor Wembanyama, object of our broken dreams, playing for the Spurs. The Hornets will roll out the youngest member of their “All Potential Felony” lineup, Brandon Miller- not the manager of a midwestern Target, but the second pick in the 2023 NBA draft over Scoot Henderson. This was a decision much decried by all 37 Hornets fans, but completely in keeping with Michael Jordan’s “management” of the franchise.

We should also get to see Brandin Podziemski, the guy who was taken instead of Cam Whitmore, by Lightyears Inc. The Miami Heat will roll out D’Artagnan, sorry, Jaime Jaquez Jr. the Heatiest prospect to ever Heat. The Kings are for whatever reason, sending out Keegan Murray, and Colby “The Big Cheese” Jones.

Jalen Hood-Schiffino will feature for the Lakers, and perhaps his shooting form will make you more tolerant of Amen Thompson.

In any case, the games begin at 4PM CST and run through the evening. The contests will take a break for the 4th of July and then conclude of the next couple of days.

The real NBA “fireworks” will start on July 7th in Las Vegas.

Discuss the games, or whatever, here.


I’m most excited to see:

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    Brandon "The Manager" Miller
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