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Pelicans at Rockets game preview

It’s Those Dubious Birds

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets remain at home, with the Pelicans heading down Interstate 10 to Houston. Well, they aren’t, they’re flying in. Because they’re pelicans. Which are birds. That fly.


The Pelicans have lost three in a row, and are currently in 8th place in the Western Conference. The Rockets had their triumphal dunking on the Los Angeles Lakers, so have a one game winning streak going, and are in 11th in the West, just out of play-in range.

The Rockets could use a win to climb back onto the outer frame of the Playoff Picture, rather than hanging around like some sort of sad wallpaper just outside that picture.

The Pelicans probably feel the same way, but who really cares about the feelings of swamp birds?

Last time the teams met was in a long-ago time. Cast your mind back through the mists of years to Christmas Eve ,2023. Things were simpler then. Alperen Segnun scored 37 on the Pelicans and the Rockets won. Perhaps the new found confidence and competence of the Rockets on offense will continue, while their defense might return to its stingy early season 2023 best. A Rockets team like that really might climb right into the ole Playoff Picture.

Soon AK will return. But will I surrender this Ultimate Preview Power?

(Spoiler - Yes.)


7pm CST

How to Watch

Space City Home Network

Injury Report


Tari Eason-OUT (leg)

Victor Oladipo - Salary Match Concerns


Herb Jones (NBA HoF Early Inductee) - GTD

The Line (as of this post)

Rockets +2.5

Looking ahead because we can

Toronto MovieDinosaurBirdWhatevers - Houston, 2/2/24 7PM CST


The Winner Tonight?

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