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Ime Udoka will have more control than Stephen Silas ever had

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Rockets LISTEN: Kiss of Death, Episode 5 - Rafael Stone’s impact on No. 4 pick

Jeremy and Mike are talking Rockets!

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Rockets hire several assistant for Ime Udoka’s coaching staff

Ime Udoka welcomes three new assistant coaches to his staff

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Welcome to the crossroads

Well, maybe A crossroads

Should the Rockets keep the 20th pick in the NBA Draft?

What options will Rafael Stone have at that spot?

Listen: Kiss Of Death, Episode 3: How should the Rockets handle the James Harden situation?

Jeremy Brener and Michael Brown break down Episode 3 of the Kiss of Death podcast. They discuss the possibility of James Harden returning to the Houston Rockets, and how that would impact the roster and organization as a whole. The factors that were discussed include, but are not limited to: Ime Udoka, Tilman Fertitta, and Jaylen Brown.

SB Nation Reacts results: Do you want James Harden back in Houston?

What did you say, Rockets fans?

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Paul George’s harsh stance on James Harden going to Rockets isn’t wrong

Paul George dismisses James Harden signing with Rockets: ‘They made their decision on who the future is’

VOTE: Do you want James Harden back in Houston?

Bring back The Beard?

From James Harden to Ime Udoka: Highlights from Jalen Green’s interview

Jalen Green appeared on the Podcast P show today and had some interesting takes on several topics.

Five Out - Fourth in our hearts

Not Wemby.

SB Nation Reacts results: What should the Rockets do with the fourth pick?

Here’s this week’s results!

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Top five reasons why the Rockets didn’t get the first overall pick

Will the tin foil hat make an appearance?

Can the Rockets get an Amen?

Should they?

VOTE: What should the Rockets do with the fourth overall pick?


Listen: Kiss Of Death, Episode 2: What should the Rockets do with the 4th Pick in the NBA Draft?

Jeremy Brener and Michael Brown co-host episode 2 of the Kiss Of Death Podcast. They break down the results of the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, and how it impacts the Houston Rockets? Should they keep or trade the 4th pick? If they keep it, who should they take? If they trade it, who should they trade it for? Tune in to find out all of the details !

Rockets lost out on Victor Wembenyama but we can still enjoy the show

The Houston Rockets didn’t get the first overall pick... and that’s ok…I think.

Why the Rockets getting the number four pick is not the end of the world

I promise, Rockets fans, it is not all doom and gloom this offseason.

Listen: Kiss Of Death Podcast, Episode 1: Houston Rockets land No. 4 Pick in 2023 NBA Draft Lottery

Michael Brown is joined by Parker Ainsworth, of Locked On Coogs, to do a live breakdown of the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery.

Rockets draw fourth overall pick in 2023 NBA Draft Lottery

Is this good news? I’m not sure.

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NBA mock draft 2023: Instant projection after lottery with Spurs winning No. 1 pick

Here’s our instant NBA mock draft after the Spurs won the lottery for the rights to Victor Wembanyama.

Long Awaited 2023 NBA Lottery Day Arrives!

It’s 14% Day! #Wemby

How to watch the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery

Tonight’s the NBA Lottery and the Rockets are more than a little involved.

Rockets hiring Ime Udoka right away will be the best move for any team this offseason

Houston hired Udoka quickly, and that was smart.

Two trade down targets for Rockets in NBA Draft

Could the Rockets pick up a cornerstone and some assets in the process?

Revisiting Rockets rumors

Are we higher or lower on past and present free agency, trade and draft targets?

Rockets 2022-23 player recaps: Jalen Green

The Rockets’ star sophomore gave us reason to hope

The duality of James Harden back on the Rockets

Won’t the real slim Jimmy please stand up?

Rockets 2022-23 player recaps: Kevin Porter Jr.

Happy Birthday KPJ - May the 4th Be With You!

The Rockets should probably avoid Dillon Brooks


Rockets 2022-23 player recaps: Alperen Sengun

Alperen Sengun took his game to another level in his second season.

Rockets 2022-2023 player recaps: Jabari Smith Jr.

Smith Jr.’s rookie season wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t hopeless either.

The Rockets need to walk a fine line this summer

They need to improve - just not at all costs

Five Out - Spring Green Thoughts

It’s Back Like A Blooming Bulb

Rockets 2022-2023 player recaps: Jae’Sean Tate

I wished you played more fam....


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