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By The Numbers

Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore were snubbed in the NBA Rising Stars Game

Both Rockets rookies were excluded from the exhibition. Was that right?

Are the Rockets just plain lucky?

Opponents can’t buy a three against the Rockets. Why?

The one main reason this Rockets win streak is no fluke

During the Rockets’ six-game winning streak, they have had ZERO 30-point scorers.

Five individual stats to determine Rockets 2023-2024 season

The Rockets are finally trying to win. Here are five individual stats that could determine their success.

Rockets stats during 10-game losing streak are as bad as you think

The numbers during the losing streak sum up how bad the Rockets have been in the last 10 games.

Rockets three-point shooting has fallen off of a cliff

The Rockets have been the worst three-point shooting team in the league over the last 10 games.

Rockets advanced stats show how bad the team has been

A deep dive suggests Houston has a ton of work to do.

Jalen Green just passed Michael Jordan in this statistic

Some pretty solid company for the rookie.

Jalen Green joins elite company with another 30-point game

Rockets leaders in advanced metrics

The season’s winding down. Here are some Rockets leaders in popular advanced metrics.

Who is the Rockets' best non-Beard playmaker?

The Rockets have three point guards. But none of them are doing as much to bolster the offense as a recently added big man.

Rockets find their own "Lineup of Death"

Can the Rockets play Clint Capela and Dwight Howard together in the frontcourt? Can Ty Lawson and James Harden coexist? What are the good, bad, and ugly 5-man combinations for the Rockets?

Capela has been the Rockets' best two-way player

That, and other tidbits from gleaning the Rockets' best lineups.

Rockets have shot their way back from the brink

The Rockets are suddenly knocking down their threes again, and the results show in the win column.

The Rockets bench is a huge problem

What was a strength for much of last season has become a liability so far this year.

Defensive Pace: How the Rockets can Turn it Around

The Rockets need to change their defensive scheme. We have some ideas.

What 538's statistical model says about Houston

A thorough breakdown of how the CARMELO system sees the Rockets. Spoiler: it's weirdly down on Corey Brewer

Ty Lawson will need to change to fit in Houston

He's got all the talent in the world, but he's never been around as much himself. How will that affect his game?

How does the Rockets front court compare out West?

The Western Conference has a lot of talented big men.

Detailing the magic of Moreyball

Hardwood Paroxysm has gifted us with a deep, deep look at all the transactions that brought this Rockets team together.

Can the Rockets beat the Warriors?

The media has already counted the Rockets out in this series.

Who is your series MVP?

The Houston Rockets completed the 3-1 comeback, now you as a Rockets fan must vote on who is the series MVP.

The Rockets' Least Valuable Players Of Round 2

Which players' performances are hurting the Rockets the most?

The Rockets-Clippers Game 4 Preview

What Rockets team will we Sunday night?

The Rockets-Clippers Game 3 Preview

After a dispiriting split of their first two home games, the Houston Rockets need to turn something around to take a game on the road. So what can they do to improve?

2015 Regular Season In Review: Year Of The Beard

Three things defined this surprisingly amazing Rockets season: Injuries, defense and James Harden.

The Rockets' Free Throw Shooting Is A Problem

And it's likely to get worse in the playoffs. The scariest part? There's no real solution.

The Headband of Brothers is destroying the NBA

We know it's good, but the numbers reveal the Rockets' bench is one of the best in the NBA.

Featured Fanshot

Rockets ranked 13th in "Power Rating" from FiveThirtyEight

The advanced statistic looks at each player's real plus-minus, the weekly health of a team, and its offensive/defensive rating. Interesting read from the nerds at FiveThirtyEight

Is something wrong with Dwight?

A look at D12's performance so far this season turns up some worrying signs.

Canaanball's coming

Our backup point guard is expected to return on Wednesday. How will that affect Kevin McHale's rotation?

Should we be worried about Trevor Ariza?

He's been healthy, but after a hot start, he's been ice cold for a month now. So what's up? Is it serious?


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