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Houston Rockets Trade Stuff

This is your spot for all things related to the Houston Rockets and trades.

Rockets opt to stand pat at the deadline

The Rockets were not expected to do much today after acquiring Thomas Robinson last night, and they lived up to those expectations, choosing to not make a move at the deadline.

Rockets unlikely to flip Thomas Robinson

The Rockets were rumored to be considering flipping Thomas Robinson last night, but it appears as though those reports were nothing more than speculation.

Rockets out of Smith sweepstakes?

With under two hours to go, it appears as though the Rockets will not make a big move as they have reportedly fallen out of talks for Josh Smith.

Rockets back in the mix with Josh Smith?

It's trade deadline day, and the rumors are starting back up with the Rockets and Josh Smith. What do we make of them?

Full Analysis of Robinson acquisition

The Rockets swung a huge move on Wednesday night. Here's an analysis of both the financial and the basketball implications of the deal.

Kings made deal solely to "cut costs"

Marc J. Spears gives us the least surprising news of the day on the Kings' motivations for making a deal with the Rockets.

Is Richard Hamilton on the Rockets' radar?

The Bulls are looking to shed salary, and the Rockets have the most cap space in the league. Is it a match made in heaven for a deal?

Rockets acquire Thomas Robinson from Kings

The Rockets have apparently landed Thomas Robinson from the Kings in a three-way deal that sends out Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Marcus Morris, and Toney Douglas.

Thomas Robinson sounds off on joining the Rockets

Thomas Robinson got a chance to discuss joining the Rockets, and he sounds excited to be here.

This stream has:

Rockets land Thomas Robinson in three way deal

With their first move of the trade deadline, the Rockets have reportedly decided to trade Marcus Morris.

Marcus Morris reportedly on the move

With their first move of the trade deadline, the Rockets have reportedly decided to trade Marcus Morris.

Dwight Howard dishes on Rockets, time with Lakers

At the media session on Friday, Dwight Howard was asked about the Rockets, and his reaction was somewhat surprising. Read to hear what he said!

Could Terrence Jones be on the move?

In the middle of the night, Adrian Wojnarowski drops a hint as to what the Rockets might be doing at the deadline.

Is Eric Gordon on the Rockets radar?

Eric Gordon has been connected to the Houston Rockets. How likely is a Gordon deal?

Tempering expectations as the deadline approaches

The Rockets have historically been one of the most active teams every year at the trade deadline. Here's why you should expect them to play it a bit safer this year.

Does John Wall make it through the season with Rockets?

Will John Wall be a one-and-done in Houston?

A new Hobbit hole For Eric Gordon?

Where might Gordon end up?

Report: Rockets among “most aggressive” in Damian Lillard pursuit

Houston isn’t trying to go long without a superstar.

Possible trade situations for Eric Gordon and John Wall

As the Rockets look to become younger, it’s time for the front office to think of trade situations for Eric Gordon and John Wall.

Trade for Cade? Rockets reportedly interested in moving up for Cunningham

It’s rumor season, but there’s no doubting the Rockets have the ammo to get this done if they wish.

Knicks reportedly have trade interest in John Wall

Knicks gonna Knick.

The waiting is the hardest part

Or the losing is. One.

Rockets reportedly interested in Aaron Gordon

The Rockets might be after one of the league’s top dunkers.

Latest Rockets trade rumors

The Rockets will be sellers this year and there’s a lot of rumors out there

Harden your hearts - to some of these miserable trade ideas

‘Tis truly the season of giving at TDS.

James Harden trade rumors: What are they saying in Brooklyn?

With James Harden and the Houston Rockets possibly on the brink of a divorce, players of the Brooklyn Nets share their thoughts on the trade rumors.

Stop trying to make Russell Westbrook to the Rockets happen

The Houston Rockets should not trade Clint Capela

Rockets should target Pelicans’ No. 4 pick in a deal for Clint Capela

After trading Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, the New Orleans Pelicans now have the number four pick in Thursday’s NBA draft. With rumors that the Pelicans are open to a trade, the Houston Rockets should try their luck to obtain the lottery pick.

Rockets likely targeting top-20 pick in potential Clint Capela deal with Celtics

The Capela to Boston rumors just keep coming.

Boston Celtics interested in potential Clint Capela deal

The Celtics are appearing in the rumor mill as a possible partner in a Capela trade.

Realistic potential trade destinations for Clint Capela

With Daryl Morey confirming Chris Paul and James Harden are staying, but refusing to indicate the same for Capela, it’s time to analyze which teams may want the 25-year-old.


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