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John Wall traded back to Rockets

Wall to Wall Buyouts - One Year!

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Atlanta Hawks
Street Clothes
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Eric Gordon is going to be a Clipper, and John Wall is making his triumphant return to the Houston Rockets. Wait, what’s that we’re hearing? Apparently John Wall will NOT be making his triumphant return to the Rockets, but will instead be bought out.

Yes, for those scoring at home, John Wall has now been bought out TWICE by the same team, in the same NBA season. This may be a record that stands for all time. You saw it here, today.

Memphis is also involved in this trade, as apparently the entire NBA (minus I think Miami?) decided to have a fireworks show today.

The Deal (As We Currently Understand It)

To Clippy:

Eric Gordon

Three Second Round Picks (unknown sources, protections, conditions, etc at this time)

To Memphis:

Luke Kennard

To Houston

Pick Swap With Clippers (Can be the Rockets Pick From Milwaukee)

Danny Green (From Memphis)

NBA All Star And Max Contract Holder John Wall

I’ve read different things on the second round picks, and who they’re coming from, and even which team they’re going to, so stand by until the trade dust settles.

So the Rockets did in fact get another veteran leader on the team for a short time, in Danny Green. He might be more vocal than Eric Gordon, or he might be on TV a lot.

There was ANOTHER trade. And it’s a blockbuster:

To Atlanta:

Bruno Fernando

Garrison Matthews

To Rockets:

Frank “The sTank” Kaminsky

Justin “The Lesser” Holiday

Two Second Round Picks

Instant Analysis:

Last year might have been the year to trade Eric Gordon, but at least GM Rafael Stone wasn’t left holding tickets to the same two night concert after the show was over on the second night. The upside is, Stone has also been killing the middle of the draft, where the Clipper pick swap may well lie - Sengun and Eason are a pretty good late-middle return.

The Atlanta trade gets two dangerous toys out of Stephen Silas’ hands, and forces him to play the guys he should be playing. Oh, what am I saying, he’ll play Kaminsky, won’t he?

Second round picks have been flying around the NBA the past couple of days like Houston mosquitoes - thick in the air. They’re the grease of trades, so hopefully the Rockets weren’t the ones sending them out, only getting them in.


Kelly Iko of The Athletic (formerly of this parish) has tweeted that the Rockets are just straight up waiving John Wall. No buyout. Hit the road, John.


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