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Houston Rockets Playoff Scouting Reports

Wrapping up the regular season, we give a detailed scouting report on each Houston Rocket and what he can do in the playoffs.

Breaking down Rockets-Clippers

They're not the Spurs, but they present their own set of problems. How can the Rockets solve them, and do they have an advantage over L.A.?

Who do the Rockets want to see in the playoffs?

The Western Conference playoff picture is an ever-changing assemblage of championship contenders and pretenders. What is the most favorable matchup for Houston?

Can Jeremy Lin rediscover Linsanity?

Linsanity was a lifetime ago. It's time for us to forget about the past and discover what Jeremy Lin can do for the Rockets.

Playoff Scouting Reports: James "Ball So" Harden

As this profiling series wraps up as we head into Sunday's game between Houston and Oklahoma City, we take a look at the central cog in the Rocket's offensive machine: James Harden.

Royce White playoff scouting report

Can Royce White help the Rockets secure a first round upset?

Terrence Jones: Unleashed in the playoffs?

Terrence Jones has burst onto the scene as of late for the Rockets, getting big minutes down the stretch. What can we expect from him in the playoffs?

Playoff Scouting Reports: Greg Smith

As the TDS playoff profiling series continues, Greg Smith gets a proper introduction as we assess what he brings to the table for the Rockets play-off push.

Playoff Scouting Reports: The Beverley Effect

Since joining the Rockets in January, Patrick Beverley has found his way onto the court and into the rotation in no time. Now, he's one of Kevin McHale's most trusted bench players. What is his secret?

What can Omer Asik bring in the playoffs?

Omer Asik has come a long way from his days in Chicago. How big a role will he play for the Rockets in the playoffs?

Playoff Scouting Reports: Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia joined the Rockets as an afterthought in the Thomas Robinson deal. Now, he's moved into the rotation and his timely shooting could be huge for the Rockets in the playoffs.

What can Chandler Parsons bring in the playoffs?

Chandler Parsons has emerged as the Rockets' second leading scorer in his sophomore year. What can he do to help the Rockets in the playoffs?

Introducing the playoff scouting reports!

Get ready for a new series coming to the Dream Shake in the next couple of weeks!