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Player Analysis

A closer look at Jabari Smith Jr.’s development

Any concerns about Smith are slowly but surely falling by the wayside.

The secret to winning more games for the Rockets is to outwork the other team

The Rockets can't guarantee that their shots will go in every night, but they can guarantee they play hard every night.

Rockets stats during 10-game losing streak are as bad as you think

The numbers during the losing streak sum up how bad the Rockets have been in the last 10 games.

Despite losses, KJ Martin continues to make his teammates’ jobs easier

Sometimes stats don't fully explain a player's impact on the court.

The Rockets are having an identity crisis

This team’s personnel doesn’t match its philosophy.

Hypotheticals of James Harden returning to the Rockets

Reasonings on why James Harden could be a good fit for the Houston Rockets again

Who should be the next Rockets point guard?

Suffice it to say, probably not Kevin Porter Jr.

Rockets three-point shooting has fallen off of a cliff

The Rockets have been the worst three-point shooting team in the league over the last 10 games.

Jabari Smith Jr. cannot be played off the court

Jabari Smith’s dominance on defense in last night’s win shows he makes an impact even without making a shot.

Sengun, Fernando, Garuba: A tale of three centers

The Rockets feature three bigs with wildly disparate skill sets. Which one is their best?

Three encouraging things about Rockets 6-17 start

It’s not all bad in H-town.

Rockets advanced stats show how bad the team has been

A deep dive suggests Houston has a ton of work to do.

With Bruno Fernando returning soon, Rockets have some tough lineup decisions

With the current roster, the Rockets will not have enough minutes to go around.

Is Usman Garuba the perfect modern five?

The league is trending towards bigs who can switch. Garuba will guard anybody.

How the Rockets can get Jabari Smith Jr. going

The time has come to utilize him correctly.

Should Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. reverse roles?

Is Jalen Green a point guard? Is Kevin Porter Jr.?

A conversion to Sengunism

Give your most talented players opportunities. Always.

Kevin Porter Jr. is not a finished product, but he has come a long way

Kevin Porter Jr may never be a traditional point guard, but he has come a long way

Josh Christopher deserves spot in Rockets rotation

Josh Christopher has been buried on Houston’s bench. That should change.

Are Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. right for each other?

The Rockets have one of the most exciting young backcourts in the NBA, but is it going to work long term?

Jalen Green: They hate him because he’s beautiful

There are a lot of staunch Green critics, and most of them are wrong.

Rockets 2022-2023 player previews: Jalen Green

Exploring options for Rockets’ 2023 draft pick from Bucks

Everyone’s talking about Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson - what about Baba Miller?

Three takeaways from Rockets vs. Heat: The good and the bad

The Rockets took an L against Miami. Here’s what we learned.

With three starters out, several Rockets impressed the coaching staff

Houston had some guys step up against the Raptors.

One area each Rockets starter must improve on in 2022-2023

Houston is a young team. That means there’s plenty of space to get better. Here’s how they can do it.

Where does Usman Garuba rank among the NBA’s unknowns?

How will the second year player factor into the Rockets’ rotation?

Can Jabari Smith Jr. be a center in the future?

Should the Houston Rockets be thinking outside of the box with their rookie forward?

Should the Rockets trade for Cam Reddish?

Reddish has fallen short of expectations in his career to date. Should the Rockets gamble on his upside?

How prolific of a passer can Alperen Şengün become?

With a knack for making incredible reads, should the second year pro operate as a point center?

Is Boban Marjanovic sticking around?

Rumors are swirling that the Rockets might keep the veteran big man.

What do the Rockets need from Jabari Smith Jr.?

Smith Jr.’s underdeveloped handle may impede his path to superstardom - or it may not matter.