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Random Commentary

What if Dirk Nowitzki had signed with the Houston Rockets in 2014?

What if the Rockets played football? Here’s what the defense would look like

J.J. Watt can’t be on the defense unfortunately.

What if the Rockets played football? Here’s what the offense would look like

I thought this was a basketball site.

Is having expectations for this Rockets team fair?

We’re feeling good about the Rockets and their future, but what are realistic expectations for this season?

Relax Rockets fans

The Pressure’s Off

Happy Fourth of July from TDS!

Be safe out there!

Lost Rockets season ending with hope for the future

It was a rough year, but the future still looks bright.

Positives remain as Rockets season winds down

What a wild ride it has been.

“Their Loss” - Chris Paul on split with Rockets

We knew this story would never go away.

Houston Rockets Reconstruction Site

You wanted this, right?

Are the Rockets playoff-bound?

This new-look Rockets lineup is looking promising. Give us your vote on whether or not they’re a playoff team.

TDS 2021 Rockets season predictions

Here’s our predictions. Tell us yours in the poll!

Getting comfortable with discomfort

Are The Rockets A Metaphor for Our Times?

General Manager Rafael Stone has yet to flinch

Does Houston have its solution?

Should the Rockets blow it up?

Is it time for the Rockets to let John Lucas take the helm?

Among the many candidates, former lottery pick and now player development coach John Lucas has a chance to become the next head coach of the Houston Rockets.

Rockets changes - Part two

What kind of team?

Deep Trouble, Deep Breath

The irony. The pain. The annoyance.

SB Nation NBA bloggers’ statement regarding recent California layoffs

A show of support from TDS across the network.

Harden My Take Episode 10: Prime Playoff Opponents

Jeremy Brener and Colin Connors appear on "Harden My Take" this week.

Harden My Take Episode 9: Playoff Bound

Jeremy Brener, Colin Connors and Max Croes talk about the Rockets’ recent basketball.

“Send a statement”; Rockets-Warriors has developed into a true rivalry

The Rockets-Warriors matchup seemingly went from one-sided to a heated rivalry over night.

Harden My Take Episode 7: Winning Ways

Jeremy Brener, Conrad Garcia and Max Croes talk about the Rockets and their winning streak.

Harden My Take Episode 6: No Harden, No Problem

Jeremy Brener and Max Croes talk about Houston’s win on Saturday and what’s to come this week for the Rockets.

Harden My Take Episode 5: All-Star Break Affairs

Jeremy Brener, Max Croes and Conrad Garcia discuss where the Rockets are at the All-Star Break.

Harden My Take Episode 4: Trade Deadline Talk

Jeremy Brener and Coty Davis talk about the Trade Deadline that was.

The 2019 Preview Guy Mailbag

The Preview Guy answers some mail and previews tonight’s Houston Rockets-Denver Nuggets matchup

TDS Tuesday 5-on-5: Are the Rockets Back?

Jeremy, Colin, Darren, Xiane and Conrad discuss the Rockets and their attempt at a comeback.

TDS Tuesday 5-on-5: A Rickety Rockets Start

Jeremy, Colin, Darren, Xiane, and Conrad discuss the Rockets’ poor start.

TDS Tuesday 5-on-5: We’re Running it Back

Hear what Jeremy, Darren, Xiane, Max and special guest Ethan have to say about the beginning of the NBA season.

Why you should root for the Rockets this season

Check the video out!

Predictions of doom for Carmelo Anthony and the Rockets are way off base

I’m usually a big fan of analytics, but not when they trump common sense.


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