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Red Nation Radio: Careless Whisper

We're Never Gonna Dance Again...


You ever record a podcast on Vicodin? Well, Mike is pretty much a veteran at it by now.

After a 2-0 week in which there were many positives for the Rockets, Mike & BD still find a way to bring the show down as they light a candle and put on their favorite break up tune at the realization that neither Courtney Lee nor Paul Millsap will be Houston Rockets this year.

However, is the team finally figuring out how to win late against inferior talent? Has James Harden found his stroke? And has Donatas Motiejunas collected his last check from the Rockets? Is Mike Dunleavy, jr. on his way?

It's all discussed as well as thoughts on why the team continues to get off to slow starts, if the three point shooting will improve and the answer to just how much tail Chandler Parsons is really pulling in.

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