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Alperen Sengun training with Hakeem Olajuwon

A little big man to big man tutelage.

Featured Fanshot

Tarik Black slams it, so Matt Bullard makes a weird joke

Tarik Black can GET UP. "Is this thing on?" -Matt Bullard

Rudy Tomjanovich drops epic Hall of Fame speech

It’s about time, Hall of Fame.

Rockets mascot Clutch assaulted by Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez is a menace to society.

Featured Fanshot

Rockets James Harden hits Clint Capela with a no-look pass

The Rockets lost to the Knicks saturday, but James Harden was still dropping dimes.

Olajuwon puts the Dream Shake on Nikola Vucevic

The Dream Shake reports on a Dream comes full circle.

Watch: WTLC and TDS Preview Rockets-Thunder Series

J.A. Sherman of Welcome to Loud City joined forces with the Dream Shake to discuss the upcoming Rockets-Thunder series. How's it going to go down?

G+ Hangout: Let's Talk Playoffs

It's playoff time in the city of Houston. Join us to talk through the specifics.

Post Trade Deadline G+ Hangout!

The crew gets together to talk about the trade deadline in this week's G+ hangout.

Jeremy Lin slams all over the Kings

Jeremy Lin blocked a shot on one end and slammed the ball on the Kings on the other. Wow.

Rockets G+ Hangout: trades, rivalries, and more

The Houston Rockets are a familiar topic when it comes to the trade deadline and it just wouldn't be February without hearing some good, old fashioned rumors. This morning we'd like to share our thoughts on the heavy hitting Rockets topics.

The G+ hangout returns to TDS to talk Lin and more

The crew sat down for the weekly hangout to discuss a wide variety of Houston Rockets news.

Video: James Harden dunks all over the Jazz

The Rockets lead at the half behind strong all-around play, but one play sticks out of them all.

TDS Hangout: trades, all-stars and more

The Dream Shake staff is back for the third week in a row with more hot off the press Rockets dialogue.

Watch the second installment of TDS' G+ Hangout!

The Dream Shake G+ hangout returns with a different cast but the same hard-hitting analysis. Check it out!

Watch the latest Dream Shake Hangout!

The Dream Shake G+ hangout returns with a different cast but the same hard hitting analysis. Check it out!

Watch as The Dream Shake goes visual!

The guys at TDS got together to talk about the trade market, Jeremy Lin, Leslie Alexander, and more in the first installment of the Dream Shake's weekly G+ hangout. The results were pretty spectacular.

Coach Nick breaks down the Rockets vs. Knicks

SB Nation's Coach Nick breaks down Monday night's blowout at Madison Square Garden.

"The Lakers have just pooped their big boy pants!"

When the whistle blew at the end of an astonishing Houston comeback run against the Lakers at home Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman proclaimed that the Lakers had shat themselves.

VIDEO: Previewing Harden's Homecoming With WTLC

The Dream Shake's Tom Martin joined Welcome To Loud City's J.A. Sherman to preview tonight's Rockets-Thunder matchup in a game that marks James Harden's return to OKC in a different uniform.

VIDEO: Bullard Weighs In On Royce, Tweets

Matt Bullard gives some good information about the current rift between Royce White and the Rockets.

VIDEO: James Harden thinks your humor sucks

A reporter tries to get cute with James Harden, and the result is really, really awkward.

VIDEO: Omer Asik tries something slightly crazy

In a crucial possession against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night, Houston's Omer Asik decided to do something incredibly dangerous... only to pull it off without any damage done.

VIDEO: Highlights of James Harden's career night

ClutchFans delivers a lengthy highlight reel of James Harden's 45-point outburst.

VIDEO: Harden's Debut 'Overshadows' Jeremy Lin

A Taiwanese media group put together a video "documenting" Houston's first game against the Detroit Pistons, and already, they're inferring James Harden is out to overshadow Jeremy Lin. In a funny way.

VIDEO: Harden says he can be the alpha dog

CSN Houston caught up with James Harden as he arrived (on a nice private jet) in his new city. Take a look at what he had to say.

VIDEO: Breakdown of the James Harden trade

Tom Martin joins SB Nation's Seth Pollack to talk Rockets, James Harden and what this insanity means for everyone.

VIDEO: Tom Previews the Rockets For SB Nation

Tom takes out his camera and does a video with SB Nation. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Highlights From Rockets-Grizzlies

The Rockets take down the Grizzlies, 109-102. Here's the video, courtesy of

VIDEO: Highlights From Rockets-Thunder

Here you go, for those of you who missed the game.

NBA Comeback Day: T-Mac, We Were Not Worthy

No matter how many spectacular comebacks the Rockets have made or will ever make, this day unequivocally belongs to Tracy McGrady.

VIDEO: Your Typical 1994 Rockets Fan

Here's a commercial you probably don't remember.


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