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Weird Rockets Video of the Week

Jalen Green gets Dream Shake from camper and more Rockets videos of the week

Highlights from Green’s weekend were on display.

Dwight Howard auditions for WWE

The former Rocket is looking at a new career.

You should watch Bill Worrell's life story

Because it's hilarious and fascinating

The greatest Clutch the Bear mixtape of all time

It's exactly what it sounds like

TBT: Luis Scola's hustle

Now accompanied by J-Pop!

When Bill Worrell realized Korver = Kutcher

A magical moment from the Rockets past

Remember Dikembe Mutombo's singing voice?

Well, if not, here's a reminder.

Happy Hanukkah from the 2014 Rockets!

Someone tell me why Dwight thinks it's a good idea to rap this...

Bill Worrell absolutely ROASTS T-Mac

The Rockets' commentator has been a savage since 1980.

Patrick Beverley was a beast in Greece

In honor of the Wolverine's return tonight, let's take a look at some of his highlights in Greece.

Moochie Norris' Hair: Still A Big Deal On YouTube

Who has better hair? Moochie Norris with cornrows or Moochie Norris with an afro?

Steve Francis was on Cribs once. It was ridiculous

"I think this tub fits 3"

This 1994 Rockets commercial is terrifying

Somebody let this go on television. Seriously.

Weird Rockets Video of the Week: Bev in HS

"The best defender of the 20 first century"

Mad Max fights a fan, Seinfeld comments

No, seriously. This is for real.

Weird Rockets Video of the Week: Vernon Maxwell

How to pronounce his name. Think you didn't need a video tutorial for that? THINK AGAIN.

Your Weird Rockets Video of the Week

We're starting off with Carl Landry's greatest Rockets moment, viewed from the perspective of a Jazz fan.


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